Rachel Pavlou: The FA

Sexism in Football spoke to a leading woman at the FA for women’s football. Rachel Pavlou told us that the best way to change opinions about sexism in football is to get more men talking about women’s football.

 Rachel Pavlou says we all have a responsibility to talk positively about women’s football.

Rachel Pavlou, FA Women's Football Development National Manager
Rachel Pavlou, FA’s Women’s Football Development National Manager

Rachel Pavlou has been the FA‘s Women’s Football Development National Manager for the last seven years.

In that period of time Rachel said she has seen women’s football progress tremendously, with something major happening every year. But because the women’s game is only 20 years old, she said it is no wonder the game isn’t as fully developed or as accepted as the men’s.


But we wanted to know where did Rachel see women’s football in another 20 years time and what is her ultimate goal for the women’s game?

“Something amazing happens in women’s football every year.”

Rachel said she would love to see the Women’s Super League progress into a professional league, rather than semi-professional like it is at the moment. But, she said, it should not be rushed and it should only happen when the leagues can be sustainable.

Rachel Pavlou’s opinion on where she hopes women’s football will be in 20 years.


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